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VIDEO – Josh Maule – one time Marathon State champion, and now the emcee for the MBAA series, has started a new video series for the MBAA – “On the Trail” started at McDowell.  This is a good summary of the MBAA, McDowell and even an interview with the legend (sans mustache) Dan Basinski.  Check it out.

MEMBERSHIP – MBAA membership is just $20 and gets you a membership card and a sticker PLUS access to exclusive raffles throughout the season.  We already raffled off a 2015 Solo Slot to Old Pueblo and have a bunch more raffles lined up throughout the season.  You do not need to be a member, race or even live in AZ to be a member.  The proceeds from membership go directly to trail projects throughout the state, as do profits from the series.

2015mbaahatGEAR – we have an updated 2015 Series tee shirt, and are blowing out the remaining 2014 series tees, and now have beanies, flexfit baseball caps, trucker caps, socks (bamboo SOS 5″ cuff) are for sale at reasonable prices – again proceeds from sales of merchandise go to benefit trail projects throughout the state.  Buy some schwag, look cool and know that your cash is going to help maintain and create amazing trails.


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awardsWe had a great day out at McDowell and hope you did too.  The first race is our biggest (typically, but you can help break that trend) and we (as a board) walked away pretty happy with the feedback we received from athletes and the sponsors.  We realize there are always things we can do to improve and will be working on that as we move on to Estrella on January 31.  All told we had over 640 riders out at McDowell and a ton of smiles.  Results are up (thank you Mangled Momentum) and pictures from the day will be coming from TR-IAG Sports Photography shortly (they took over 13,000 pics) .

Special thanks to presenting sponsor Bicycles of Phoenix, and refuel sponsor The Pedal Bike Shop, as well as Kate’s Bars for supporting the event and the riders with great support.  We’d also like to thank the sponsors that came out to show off cool bikes and promote their businesses –  Devinci, Pivot, Bike Masters, Giant of Scottsdale, Two Wheel Jones, LifeTime Events, McDowell Mountain Cycles, your presence helps our cycling community continue to grow and thrive.


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Race day is just about here – a few things to help you along the way –

  • CATEGORY CHANGE? – Email registration – Boris –
  • RACE DETAILS – directions, laps, maps etc can be found on the event page.
  • VOLUNTEERSwe need em, every little bit helps us help the riders, and you get schwag.
  • MBAA MEMBERSHIP – $20 gets you exclusive raffle chances, do it.

Last, but not least, arrive early, bring ID and have fun.  This is just as much about the trails, riding your bike and having fun as it is about racing.  See you soon –

~The Board


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McDowell MeltdownYep, a few short days from now the 2015 season kicks off in grand style at the McDowell Meltdown presented by Bicycles of Phoenix.  A favorite course of many of the locals, and we typically get some out of towners yearning to get out of the snow and grab a glimpse of the sun.  A few quick reminders for you –

  • Register online – its quick and painless, and makes for less paper, saves you cash too!
  • Laps/Counts/Start times – all posted, rev 3 is up.
  • Course is marked – it’s still your responsibility to know your course!
  • Laps – know your laps, the order they are in is the order you ride them.
  • Kids – under 9 can race in 9-11 but will not be scored separately.
  • Teams – get registered, final rosters due before start of race 3.
  • Merchandise – yep, we got stuff for sale – good prices, good stuff – proceeds benefit trails throughout AZ.
  • MBAA Membership – members only will be included in raffles, rad raffles.  Stuff from sponsors, stuff you don’t want to miss out on.  Like what?  How about entries to amazing events, a bike, and other goodness.  Proceeds benefit trails throughout AZ.

We are looking forward to Saturday – see you soon –
~The Board (volunteer board)


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Ok, so while you were out enjoying rides – the board has continued to churn out more updates on the 2015 season.  Rules – posted.  Start times – done. Lap counts – done.  Category changes – done.  Permits – all submitted.  Timer – secured.  Registration – Boris is back.  Sponsors – on board (rad ones, all of which you should at least like on facebook and tell them thanks).  Team registration – open.  Event registration – open.  More plans…working on it.  Time to catch a ride ourselves….I hope so.

More good stuff coming your way – the big heavy stuff, is ready to go.
Thank you for your continued support of the series -