Upcoming Mtb Races in AZ

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Aug 22 Old Fashioned Mtb Race – Flagstaff More Info / Register

Aug 23 MBAA Super D – Flagstaff More Info / Register

Aug 29 Barn Burner – Flagstaff More Info / Register

Sep 12 Fire on the Rim – Pine-Strawberry More Info / Register

Sep 19 The Rock Crusher Classic – Prescott More Info / Register

Oct 3 Tour of the White Mountains – Pinetop-Lakeside More Info / Register

Oct 10 AZ State XC Championships – Fountain Hills More Info / Register

Nov 21 12 Hours of Fury – Fountain Hills More Info / Register

Dec 12 Dawn to Dusk – Fountain Hills More Info / Register

NICA Series
  • Sep 13 – Race #1 – Fort Tuthill County Park – Flagstaff
  • Sep 27 – Race #2 – Pioneer Park – Prescott
  • Oct 11 – Race #3 – McDowell Mountain Regional Park – Fountain Hills
  • Oct 25 – Race #4 – SARA Park Rodeo Grounds – Lake Havasu City
  • Nov 8 – Race #5 – White Tank Regional Park – Waddell

Super D is back on for Aug 23!

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Flagstaff Biking Organization

Aug 23, 2015

The day after Absolute Bikes Old Fashioned MTB Race.

All of the race details here.



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2015 jersey

After reviewing volunteer and trail hours, we are happy to announce the 2015 MBAA Series champions.  All leaders in each division met the required number of volunteer and/or Trail hours – thank you.  These hours are what helps allow the MBAA to give back to the trails, keep entry fees low and continue to showcase the need for trail maintenance and support from the rider community.

SERIES Champs Jerseys – will be mailed by end of May 2015
SERIES Team Trophies – will be mailed by end of May 2015

2015 MBAA SERIES CHAMPIONS – Complete Results
Beginner Women 15-18 – Phoebe Dunn
Beginner Women 19-29 – Deana Kelley
Beginner Women 30-39 – Elysia Pang
Beginner Women 40-49 – Kim Musselman
Beginner Women 50+ – Kathy Cunningham
Elite Women – Not applicable – no riders met min of 3 races
Expert Women 15-18 – Olivia Nicholls
Expert Women 45+ – Solange Whitehead
Expert Women Open – Elizabeth Vito
Intermediate Women 15 – 18 – Kristen Kollus
Intermediate Women 19-34 – Rebekah Muster
Intermediate Women 35-49 – Julie Lyon
Intermediate Women 50+ – Wendy Kuhn
Jr Girls 12-14 – Natalie Fernau
Jr Girls 9-11 – Emma Clark
Marathon Women – Kata Skaggs
Single Speed Women – Cindy Lacotta
Beginner Men 15-18 – Nicholas Overleas
Beginner Men 19-29 – Brian Gallian
Beginner Men 30-39 – Lucas Franklin
Beginner Men 40-49 – Tyler Pingel
Beginner Men 50+ – James Streeter
Elite Men – Ryan Geiger
Expert Men 15-18 – Nik Johnson
Expert Men 45+ – Craig Raney
Expert Men Open – Tim Maddux
Intermediate Men 15 – 18 – Brian Heritage
Intermediate Men 19-34 – Kyle Gandy
Intermediate Men 35-49 – Mark Painter
Intermediate Men 50+ – William Pepper
Jr Boys 12-14 – Hayden Rosborough
Jr Boys 9-11 – Ian Smith
Marathon Men – Daniel Alasu
Masters Men 60+ – Clyde Miller
Rock Crusher Men – Tyler Shupe
Single Speed Men – Cody Kukulski

2015 MBAA SERIES TEAM CHAMPIONS – Complete Results

Big Ring Series – 
1) Nationwide Veloworks – 880
2) Team Slippery Pig – 811
3) Thin Air Racing – 745

Little Ring Series
1) Desert Shark Cycling – 650
2) Havasu Bike & Fitness – 627
3) Carlos Danger Race Club – 515

Thank you for a great season of racing.  Huge thanks to Mangled Momentum, Mike Sanchez, the board, all of our sponsors and all of the riders that helped make this a great year.  We look forward to 2016 and making AZ trails, and the series, bigger and better.

All the best –
The Board


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It is with great regret that we have to cancel the Flagstaff Frenzy and the Super D.  This is based on input from USFS, current weather forecast and the fact that there is a few inches of snow already on the ground at the venue.  Quite simply we would do more damage to the trail, and put riders at risk.

SERIES CHAMPS – will be based on points through the last event.  Jerseys will be shipped out in the next week (we actually had them on hand this year).

REFUNDS – given this is an act of God/Mother Nature, and the MBAA is a non-profit – we are issuing a 50% for all registered riders.  Boris will be issuing refunds within the next week.

RESCHEDULE – no plans at this time – we will continue to review this as a board.

Our apologies – however Mother Nature, your safety, the trails and the USFS reign supreme.
Thank you for a fantastic season, and your continued support –

MBAA Board (volunteers)
Michael Melley
Jon Shouse
Sue Rawley
Les Stukenberg
Alan Shelton
Tim Racette
Jeff Frost

Official note from USFS

Greetings Mike, after internal discussions with the Flagstaff Rec Staff Officer, the Deputy District Ranger (Authorized Officer for Special Uses Permits), and the trails supervisor, it has been decided that the scheduled Mountain Bike Association of Arizona bike race should be cancelled for this weekend, because of the on-going precipitation, including snow and rain. More snow and rain is predicted for later today and tonight; thus the trails will not have any time to dry out, leading to degradation of the trails…

It may be possible to reschedule the event sometime after the Memorial Day holiday, if the MBAA would like to pursue that option. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause, but as active trail partners with the Forest Service, we are confident that this decision will be understood by the MBAA as necessary.

If you have any questions, please call  me.


Forest Service Shield


Given the current forecast for Flagstaff – we are PUSHING OUT the start times for all fields by 2 hours. This should allow for more time for the area to warm up, thaw out and reduce the potential impact on the trail.  We will be adjusting the start times in the next few hours  Time is currently 12:15pm Thursday, May 14, 2015.