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Whoa!  After a great day in Havasu, with excellent racing, the results are up!  We had a great turnout with close to 300 riders and amazing weather.  Huge thanks to Mudshark Brewing, River Cyclery, TR-IAG Sports Photography, Mangled Momentum, Friends of the Fair, SARA park, the BLM, and all the athletes that helped make this a great event.  We look forward to White Tanks.  Be sure to check out the pics from TR-IAG!


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We head out to Havasu for the third race in the series this Saturday!  Be sure your team rosters are FINALIZED before the start of the race.  If you signed up after we sent out the email to registered riders, you can capture all that information on this link.  Give yourself plenty of time to arrive safely and check in.  If you still have not registered, online registration is still open, sign up!

Operations will be onsite setting up starting by 3pm, volunteers are always needed and appreciated to help make it go faster – similarly on Saturday – if we have volunteer slots that are open, we will take the help.  Reminder you must have enough volunteer and/or trail hours in order to win the series, it’s part of what makes a champion!

We look forward to seeing you in Havasu.
The Board


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We are quickly approaching the third race in the 2015 series – here are a few key reminders about the series:

Havasu is worth 1.5x series points.
Sierra Vista is worth 1.5x series points.
Big/Little Ring rosters must be FINAL before start of race 3.
Captains Meeting – (or a representative) will be at White Tanks!


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While most of you may have just got done putting in some hot laps at Old Pueblo, I’m quite sure a few more of you have never ridden in Tucson, and you are missing out.  Don’t let OP be the only riding you do in Tucson.  There are amazing trails down there, road rides that will take you up Mt Lemmon (everyone cyclist in AZ should do that ride) and some flat out gorgeous scenery.  The fellas over at Tucson Bike Rentals and Tours can help guide you, or if you want to plan an outing with a large crew, offer up some rentals as well.  Give them a like on Facebook or better yet book up your next adventure in Tucson with them.

Private guide info          Bike rental info 


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We head to Lake Havasu for the third race in the series.  The event is Saturday February 21, 2015.  Book a hotel and stay the night (Friday and or Saturday) or take advantage of dry camping at the Rodeo grounds (amazing hosts).  While in town – stop in Mudshark brewing, bring your race bib for 25% off.  Mudshark has some of the tastiest beer (and food) in town – they support the series, are avid cyclists and flat out really good people.  If you need last minute tune ups or spare tubes, be sure to pop in River Cyclery – also a sponsor of Havasu Havoc.  Lastly, check out the Lake, the water is insanely clear, not like some of the water you may find in say…Tempe Town Lake.