MISSION:  The MBAA promotes, protects and preserves the Arizona trail experience through advocacy, education and responsible recreational and competitive mountain biking.​

MBAA BYLAWS – includes descriptions of each of the roles below, are here - mbaa-bylaws.pdf

A little bit about the volunteers on the board.


Chairperson – Mike Melley
Single speeder, website updater, local business owner, promoter, new dad, and cube jockey for the man.  Re-Elected 2013.

Trails Director – Alan Shelton
New to the board, but not new to trails or trail work.  Alan is not shy about his passion for the trails or making them better.  We are stoked to have him on board and running full bore on some new ideas.   Elected 2013.


Competition Director – Jon Shouse
Arguably, one the most involved mountain bikers/advocate/event specialists in the state. Jon was instrumental in helping preserve the original Fantasy Island trails in Tucson, has worked with the infamous Epic Rides,  and can do it all.  In fact, Jon has done most of it and is no slouch in the saddle to boot.  Re-elected 2012.

arketing Director – Open


Membership Director -  - Brandee Lepak
Bike shop owner (Global Bikes), Membership Director (MBAA), Photographer (By Brandee), Mom, wife, and most importantly, a vibrant voice for the MBAA on just about any topic you can dream up.  Brandee knows her stuff, but apparently does not like to talk in front of crowds, gig is up…we’re gonna make her! Re-elected 2012.


Recreation Director – Amy Regan
A long time mountain biker, of the endurance variety, a local legend, 24hr World Record holder and teacher of skills on the bike, not to mention a guide on some stellar bike trips – Amy is destined to up our recreational presence.  Get ready to roll.  Check out her site here!  Elected 2013.


Administrative Director – Jeff Frost
Jeff Frost, aka “Frosty” has raced and put on more races than we know about he is a local biz owner (Endurance Competition Services) and avid cyclist.  Ever humble, Jeff joined the board and has made an immediate impact, dialing in our schedule and still riding his bike like a champ!  Jeff has extensive cycling event experience, including being a key player at Sea Otter and is now the proud owner and JOAT for AZ Cross.  Check out his website, and all the events Jeff’s business supports here.  Appointed 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I’m a long time supporter and former member of MBAA in it’s early days after ORBA. I still ride occasionally but I don’t race. I’d like to be a member again to support the sport, but it seems to be impossible without racing. I was told at the Tour de Fat that I could signup on the site, but I see nothing like that here. Can someone please give me some guidance.
    Alan J Vaughn

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