MISSION:  The MBAA promotes, protects and preserves the Arizona trail experience through advocacy, education and responsible recreational and competitive mountain biking.​

The MBAA is a 501c3 –  tax id 86-0672559

MBAA BYLAWS – includes descriptions of each of the roles below, are here – mbaa-bylaws.pdf

A little bit about the volunteers on the board.

Michael Melley

Chairperson – Mike Melley
Single speeder, website updater, local business owner, promoter, new dad, and cube jockey for the man.  Re-Elected 2013.

Trails Director – Alan Shelton
New to the board, but not new to trails or trail work.  Alan is not shy about his passion for the trails or making them better.  We are stoked to have him on board and running full bore on some new ideas.   Elected 2013.


Competition Director – Jon Shouse
Arguably, one the most involved mountain bikers/advocate/event specialists in the state. Jon was instrumental in helping preserve the original Fantasy Island trails in Tucson, has worked with the infamous Epic Rides,  and can do it all.  In fact, Jon has done most of it and is no slouch in the saddle to boot.  Re-elected 2012.


Marketing Director – Tim Racette
Avid mtber and racer, Tim is all about spreading the good vibes throughout the mountain bike community. Tim has returned to Arizona and is now living in Pinetop after many years living in Wisconsin–the land of ice and snow. He is excited to be involved and wants to make sure everyone has a great time riding and racing in the MBAA.


Membership Director –  Sue Rawley
Long time rider, MBAA supporter, and all around solid person – Sue has stepped into the Membership Director role as a result of her commitment to the sport.  As nice as she is, she can rip your legs off on the bike and is no stranger to the podium.  Elected 2015.


Recreation Director – Les Stukenberg
Newspaper guy turned cyclist turned board member.  Les has been an active part of the cycling community and is now jumping in as Recreation Director on the board.  We are stoked to have him jump in and help kick start a role that has been ignored for too long.  Elected 2015


Administrative Director – Jeff Frost (aka “Frosty”)
Known for his riding, event promoting, and all around skills around an event, this guy is a Swiss army knife.  He can ride all day and all night and still put on a helluva an event the next day.  Frosty works with the big boys at Sea Otter, promotes the AZCross series and has been a part of the mountain bike community since he helped create it.