Hopefully our FAQ page answers the vast majority of your questions, but there is a chance it did not – in which case, give us a shout or an email or drop us a note on Facebook.  One of the board members should get back to you shortly.  Thank you for your patience and support of the MBAA.

Phone:  480-442-4229

  1. dan mills says:

    bring back the cat 1 50+ class.It was tough enough. Now 50 year olds have to race younger than 50. guess you didnt have enough 50 + to race? I raced this series for Years. Sorry wont race again untill you give the 50 + ther own class. Call me a wimp i dont care.The class will grow give it time!!! look at other races in other states be fair to all rhat support, our sport

    • mbaaadmin says:

      Dan – McDowell 2014 – we had 14 people in the Cat 1 Men 45+. This is on par with other field sizes. We evaluate other races across the country and our own fields. At this time – we are staying with the same age divisions in 2015, although migrating away from USAC categories and using our own. Hope to see you racing.

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