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Posted: March 24, 2015 by mmelley in Racing

This Saturday the 28th is the MARC in the park.  Don’t miss out on this team relay style event.  4 riders, will each complete 1 full lap (17 miles).  The exchange will take place (as well as the start/finish) in the Four Peaks parking lot (just opposite the competitive track).  Raffles for MBAA members will be awesome (H-bars, tees, bash guards and more from our sponsors).  Get signed up – team points are on the line!


Posted: March 3, 2015 by mmelley in News/Updates, Racing, Sponsors

WhiteTankWhirlwindRace #4 in the series is THIS Saturday at White Tanks.  Pedal will be back on site with recovery drinks and snacks and Trek Bicycles of West Phoenix, and of course Bicycles of PhoenixLifetime events will also be onsite, perhaps with more raffle prizes for MBAA members… Be sure to get signed up before the price increase on March 5th at 8pm.  The team point races are tight and the trail work done at White Tanks last week are bound to make this a great weekend to get out and ride.  MARATHON riders – note we pulled in your start time by 10 minutes to 8:20am.


Posted: March 1, 2015 by mbaaadmin in Racing, Rules

Having timed the series personally (and had more than my fair share of issues) I can assure you this is one of the more difficult events to time and score in the industry.  Consider that there are 18 different start times, 38 different categories and several iterations of laps depending on the course/category.  Throw in series scoring, points for teams and you can see how it can be quite labor intensive.  Hats off to Mangled Momentum for doing a great job thus far – results have been timely and protests are lower than we have seen in a while.  That being said, there is always the potential for issues, protests etc.  So, here is the low down on protests.

PROTESTS – if a rider does not believe their (or another’s) time or place to be accurate, a rider may protest the results.  Protests will be taken onsite only.  Protests will be taken by 1 representative from the timing company.  All critical information (name, bib number, category, issue) are required for the protest.

  • Official protest periods are only 15 minutes.
  • Official protest periods will be announced, and noted on results.
  • Once the protest period closes, if there are no protests – we go to awards ASAP.

If there is a protest outstanding and impacting the awards, we will review the results (chip timing and hand time backups), discuss the issue the impacted riders (f needed) and re-post results – with a new 15 minute protest to ensure the issue is resolved.  If the timing cannot resolve the issue, the designated official (race director, competition director or official) for the event will help resolve the issue.  The official has the ability to make the final determination.

DNFs – Did Not Finish – occasionally you may not be able to finish an event due to a mechanical, an injury or just not feeling up to par.  Please don’t just leave.  Tell our timers, they need to note this in the results and we need to ensure that we do not spend the resources looking for you on course after the event.

Thank you for your continued support!


Posted: February 27, 2015 by mmelley in News/Updates, Racing

Team Scoring is now available.  We had to lock in the rosters, which as any team captain can attest to, is no small task.  The team scoring is tight, especially in the Big Ring field, which is great for racing.  We ask that you continue to exude the utmost sportsmanship and have a great racing season.  There will be a team captains meeting at White Tanks, it is highly recommended that the team captain or a representative from your team is present.  We will answer any questions regarding the season and ensure everyone is on the same page.

CAPTAINS meeting – White Tanks Saturday, March 7 – 2:15pm – strongly recommended that a representative is present.

Marathon – pulled in 10 minutes 8:20 start time!
Women categories – now have 5 min gap so we can do call ups without being an auctioneer.
Start times were adjusted and posted 25FEB15 at about 5am, it is rev4.


Posted: February 21, 2015 by mmelley in News/Updates, Racing

Whoa!  After a great day in Havasu, with excellent racing, the results are up!  We had a great turnout with close to 300 riders and amazing weather.  Huge thanks to Mudshark Brewing, River Cyclery, TR-IAG Sports Photography, Mangled Momentum, Friends of the Fair, SARA park, the BLM, and all the athletes that helped make this a great event.  We look forward to White Tanks.  Be sure to check out the pics from TR-IAG!