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Posted: March 12, 2014 in News/Updates, Newsletters, Trails

trailworkTrail work or volunteers hours are required…

If you want a shot at a individual or team title this year, you need to ensure that you log the required number of trail and/or volunteer hours – others may volunteer for you, but what better way to know what it takes to keep a trail awesome or an event going then by stepping up and doing some work yourself?  Heck at a few of these volunteer days, they give you FREE food (thank you Global Bikes).  Here are the MINIMUM (feel free to do more please) requirements for the year:

Trail and/or Volunteer hour minimums:
Individual – 4hrs
Team – Big Ring – 40hrs
Team – Little Ring – 20hrs
Log Trail Hours - 

Check out dates and locations on our latest eblast or on the trails page!
Thanks for helping keep our trails in good shape!
~The Board


Posted: December 6, 2013 in Trails

trailworkSo last time we got rained out, this time it looks like rain will happen AFTER we are done.  Tomorrow, get on it, get dirty, move dirt and meet cool people.  Here are the details:
Location:  McDowell Mountain Park – Pemberton Trail
Date:  Sat, 12/7/13 from 8:00 AM – Noon.
Info:  Meet at the Trailhead Staging Area at 8:00 AM. Bring H2O, work gloves and any trail work tools you have. The park will also have tools for volunteers to use.
Parking/fees:  If you do not have a park pass, let the host know that you are there for trail work and you can enter the park for free.
Areas to to worked on: repair erosion damage on Pemberton, fixing a few off-camber turns, and adding a few bridges to steep wash areas.
Hours worked will be logged with the MBAA for anyone looking to get their MBAA trail work hours in. Be sure to sign in at the trailhead.

Contact: Rand Hubbell
McDowell Mountain Regional Park
16300 McDowell Mountain Park Dr.
MMRP Arizona 85255
Ph: 480-471-0173 Fax: 602-372-8507


Posted: November 20, 2013 in Trails

Time to dig in the dirt!  Trail work this Saturday at McDowell Mountain Park.  Details are below.
Date:  Saturday November 23, 2013
Finish:  11:00am
Meet:  Pemberton Trailhead
Bring:  H2O, work gloves, any trail work tools you may have.  Park will also provide some tools.
If you don’t have a park pass (you should), please let the host know you are there for trail work and you can enter the park for FREE!
Focused Area:  Repair erosion damage on Pemberton, fixing a few off-camber turns, and adding a few bridges to steep wash areas.


Posted: October 28, 2013 in Trails

IMG_8586Alan Shelton, the new trail director for the MBAA hit the trails early on Saturday, with a shovel.  Alan along with  thirteen + volunteers, including members from GROAZ, and land manager Rand Hubbell made improvements and repairs to the pump track, as well as 4+ miles of drainage repair and general maintenance.   The effort was one of many that Alan is planning for the 2014 season – he is working on dates for Estrella, White Tanks and a return to McDowell.  Alan is working together with (new) recreation director Amy Regan to offer up a social component.  Lastly, and certainly not least, lunch AND park entry for the volunteers, was FREE!   Thanks to Global Bikes for providing lunch to the volunteers and the park for granting us access.  Stay tuned as the other trail work dates get finalized.  Thanks for your continued support.


Posted: October 14, 2013 in Trails

trailworkLike a cold beer on Friday pm, registration has cracked wide open.  Only 2 events (the Team Event and the Super D) are not yet open.  All others, have at it.  Heck, in the spirit of Tour de Fat, Oktoberfest and the temps dropping we are even offering up a special October discount -October10” will get you 10% off any entry.  Take advantage of that little extra cash and use it at your LBS to pick up some goodies for the fall rides.  ALSO NOTE – you will NOT need to have a MBAA membership in 2014 (although highly encouraged) we are simplifying things.  USAC membership required for Pro/Cat1 riders as always.  USAC 1 day license available for all others, you MUST be a USAC annual member to win the series – stay tuned for more info as we clean up the rules for 2014.

Last, but NOT least – TRAILWORK -October 26 – McDowell Mountain Park – 7:30a til 12:00p -

Hours will count towards 2014.
Free park entrance, but you HAVE to move dirt with a shovel, not just your tires!
FREE lunch – provided by GLOBAL BIKES!