DATE: May 16, 2015 (XC, MA) May 17, 2014 (Super D)

LOCATION:  Fort Valley Trail Network, Flagstaff, AZ

GENERAL INFORMATION: The finals!  The last race of the 2015 MBAA season this can make or break a few titles.  Riders will be at altitude, and climb a bit.  Expect pine trees a plenty and some descending that will give you wry grin.  We will be staging at the Ft. Valley Trail Head off of Highway 180, but utilizing a combination of the Ft. Valley Trail System and some of Flagstaff’s best trails in the Mount Elden/Dry lake Hills area, including Sunset, Little Bear and Schultz Creek.

State series champions will be crowned
– these are riders that have amassed the most amount of points by racing the series.
State Champions will be crowned – riders that win this event, will be considered state champions as this will be a USAC sanctioned state championship event.  Since this will be a USAC sanctioned event, a 1 day memberships or annual USAC memberships will be required.

DIRECTIONS/CAMPING: Fort Valley Trail System is located 7 miles northwest of Flagstaff off highway 180. From Route 66 turn north on Humphrey’s St. then turn left at the third signal onto highway 180. Drive approximately 4.7 miles to Forest Road 164 B. Turn right, and drive about 400 feet then make another right on to a dirt road where the trailhead will be straight ahead about 100 feet.  Map Camping IS available at this venue, no fees.

CAMP FIRES ILLEGAL AT Ft. VALLEY TRAILHEAD – Ft. Valley Trailhead area, is permanently closed to campfires.  There is zero tolerance of campfires in prohibited areas. Citations will be issued for any illegal campfires. As usual, propane and Coleman stoves are legal.

MBAA will provide pizza, t-shirts and refreshments at this event to close out the year!
Save money and time – sign up online, early!

$20 First timers (1x only, no points, no awards)
$20 Juniors (18 and under, price never changes)
$40 Early – up until Sunday at 11:59pm week of the event
$45 Ontime – Monday 12:00am until Thursday 7:00pm
$55 Late & Day of registration – Thursday 7:01pm until 30 min prior to race start
NOTE - This will be the only USAC sanctioned event for 2015 – USAC 1 day membership or annual membership will be required to compete.


PAYOUTS: Marathon and Pro categories will pay out 5 deep for both males & females.

1st = $100 2nd = $90 3rd  = $80 4th = $50 5th = $25

Pro =
 Professional cyclist, gets paid to race professionally
Expert = (previously Cat 1)  = Wicked fast, seasoned racer.
Intermediate = (previously Cat 2) = dang fast = not just a weekend warrior, usually rides quite bit
Beginner = (previously Cat 3) = relatively new to the sport.
First Timer = Newbie = new to the sport, never raced with MBAA or has no experience with mtn bike racing.
Single Speed = 1 gear bike = one gear on bike, likes to suffer (our kind of folks)
Masters Men 60+ = older gents, 60+ years of age
Rock Crusher = Gents 200lbs or more
Marathon = long distance rider = 3.5hrs or more per race, likes to suffer, not right in the head (most definitely our kind of folks)
Jr = Ages 8-10, 10-12, 13-14
Kid = tot = little one (6 & under) that likes a short, free race

RACE AGE is based as of end of 2015.

Every great event is not possible without the help and support of outstanding volunteers.  Volunteer hours are logged and will count towards team standings.  Help make these events great by giving back a bit of your time, heck you might even get some extra schwag, and some new friends, without a doubt, you will get our sincere gratitude in helping making it all happen.

Sign up to volunteer

GPS & CLEAN VERSIONS PENDING (last update 01MAY14 11:15am)
Rev 1
- Cat 1 description updated and course map revised ~ 28 miles 01MAY14
Rev 3 – (yes we skipped 2) updated Cat 1/2/3 with USFS re-routes due to wildlife concerns. 07MAY14 2:00pm
Rev 4 – updated Cat 3 for USFS. 07MAY 3:43pm
Rev 5 – updated Cat 3 to include 12 miles not just 8, you ride the 8 miles red arrow, then 4 miles green (Jr)

Cat 1/Single Speed/Pro Flag 2014 rev 3 – Black arrows (28 Miles) –  Profile  GPX
Cat 2/Rock Crusher/Master’s Men Flag 2014 rev3- Blue arrows (20 hard miles) –   Profile   GPX
Cat 3 Flag 2014 rev5 – Red arrows (8 miles) + 1 Jr loop (Green 4 miles) = 12 miles total
Marathon Flag 2014 rev3 (total is 38 miles, one 10 mile lap, plus one Cat 1 28 mile lap)
Jrs Flag 2014 – Green arrows (~4 miles)

7:15am – Registration/Check in open! – Bring ID, be patient please.
8:30am – First race start All athletes must check in/register 30 min prior to their start times Start times are posted below Riders must know their lap counts (see start times/laps below)
Course will be marked, however per USAC riders must know the course (maps & descriptions are above)
11:30am – All registration shutdown
12:00p – Kids race registration – Giant Scottsdale Tents
1:00p – FREE Kids Race
~Noon* – Awards for Wave 1
~2pm* – Awards for Wave 2, 3, 4
*Whenever possible, we will do awards as quickly as possible, thus times may be earlier. We will do our utmost to meet (or beat) awards times.

MBAA will provide pizza and soft drinks for all registered riders!


2014 Flagstaff Frenzy Start Times Rev4
Revision Notes:
Rev1 – modified Cat 1 Jr 15-18 Male/Female counts to match Cat 2 Jr laps – based on national/International formats
Rev2 – modified (still preliminary) to include Youth 6-8, revised start times (majorly revised)
Rev3 – modified to change start time and laps for SS Women, updated laps for Marathon.
Rev4 – modified Jr ages to show 6-8, 9-11, 12-14