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Posted: January 22, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing

MBAA01-Sam-WilsonNumbers at McDowell were reminiscent of the days of yore, that is to say the 1990’s when MBAA events were 2 day events, with 1000 riders and we all walked up hill to school backwards in 110 degree heat…or something like that.  We had a HUGE turnout, of 677 registered riders!  We could NOT have done this without fantastic support from our sponsors – in particular Global Bikes – the presenting and hydration (series) sponsor. Thank you. (pics from Frozen Motion Photos)

While we had an awesome turnout – we realize there are some areas we need to improve on – results in the afternoon were not as crisp as need them to be – that WILL get resolved.  We (like you) will get faster and better – starting immediately.


  • 14 & unders – all entries are FREE at White Tanks – effective immediately.  Registration has been updated.
  • T-Shirts – for ANYONE that races both race 1 and race 2.  We will have a t-shirt (free) for your support at race 2.  Just sign up and race with us again.

White Tanks registration is wide open – get on it – let’s keep this party rollin!

Reminder – Trail work at White Tanks on Jan 31/Feb 1 – details here

Thanks for your continued support of the series and the trails!



Posted: January 7, 2014 by MBAA in Rules

The MBAA 2014 Series Rules.  The cliff note version (do they even have Cliff Notes anymore?) is outlined below (I like bullet points people):

    • 4 hrs of Trail AND/OR Volunteer hours will be required to win the state championship title.
    • 20hrs Trail AND/OR Volunteer for Little Ring Teams (total for your team)
    • 40 hrs Trail AND/OR Volunteer for Big Ring Teams (total for your team)
    • This is not a change from 2013, and does not really ask that much of you to give back to the events, trails, sport.  Make it happen, heck do more if you want, 4 is just the min.  Others can log hours for you if you need to knock it out.  Trail Work dates set up by the MBAA are not all inclusive, you may do trail work on your own just get land manager approval.
    • We sanction with USAC to have a state championship title, allow you to get points towards qualifying for nationals and to insure the events – not to mention they are the national governing body – like it or not.
    • Pros and Cat 1 must have a valid annual license – no change
    • 1 Day licenses – now cost $10 per day vs $5 previously.
      • Pros and Cat 1 riders may NOT use 1 day licenses.
      • Cat 2 / Cat 3 / Rock Crusher / Marathon / Single Speed – may use 1 day licenses.
      • If you were previously a Pro or Cat 1 rider, and are no longer racing in that category, USAC would like you to purchase an annual license – we will have some latitude/flexibility here.
    • Youth (6-8) – NEW category for 2014
    • Jr (9-11) – Revised age from 10-12 to ages 9-11
    • Jr (12-14) – revised from 13-14 to ages 12-14
    • Best 5 out of 6 individual races will count towards the series championship
    • Points go 15 places deep per category/gender
    • Sierra Vista is worth 1.5x points
    • Team scoring – total points per team by division – most points wins
      • MARC in the park will count towards team points
    • Points per place are outlined within the rules

Full rules MBAA 2014 Series Rules and any questions regarding the rules should be directed to your Competition Director – Jon Shouse.

Thanks for your support – we look forward to kicking off the 2014 season in just a few days time!


Posted: January 5, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates

McDowell MeltdownTis the season to hit the trail and get ready to stake your claim on a state Championship title!  That’s right folks, we are headed straight into the start of the 2014 season for the MBAA.  A reminder to get signed up for the first event, create an account on (takes 5 min) and it will make it faster and easier for all future events (this is Boris’ new site).  Price increase on Jan 13 – you’ve been warned!

TEAMS – get signed up, team captains follow these instructions, you have to get your rosters dialed before race 3.

JANUARY NEWSLETTER –  was published on January 4 and can be seen here for your viewing pleasure!