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MARC Wrapped Up!

Posted: March 31, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing

00.MARC STARTWell the second annual MARC in the park presented by Global Bikes is done – we had about 240 riders in the event and feedback on the new course (thank you Swiss American).  We dished out some awesome gift certs from Bicycle Ranch, Landis Cyclery, and a grip load of tires courtesy of Two Wheel Jones – all local bike shops you need to help support!  The series has two races left – Sierra Vista (Foray at the Fort) on April 19 (1.5x points), and Flagstaff (Flagstaff Frenzy) on May 17 (did we mention a Super D that benefits FBO?).  Don’t forget to get your volunteer/trail hour requirements lined up as we head towards the finals.  Stay tuned as we finalize courses for Flagstaff, and dial in a few surprises!


MARC Course Revision!

Posted: March 22, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing

MARCinthePark(1)Well, we got a call (this week) about a change that the County wanted, which forced a change (for the better) for the relay event next week.  We revised the course to cut out the road and include more trail (always a good thing in our opinion).  The end result – a smidge less distance (now 17 miles vs 18), more trail and more time in the saddle – estimate fast guys just over an hour – most about 1:25ish and a new person 1:40ish.  We now will work on revising the course markings (news came AFTER we marked it).  Course will be re-marc’ed (ha) on Wednesday March 26.  Map is posted. Sorry for the last minute change, but it saves us money, gets you more time in the saddle, and more time on trail (vs road) – all good things!


Posted: March 12, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Newsletters, Trails

trailworkTrail work or volunteers hours are required…

If you want a shot at a individual or team title this year, you need to ensure that you log the required number of trail and/or volunteer hours – others may volunteer for you, but what better way to know what it takes to keep a trail awesome or an event going then by stepping up and doing some work yourself?  Heck at a few of these volunteer days, they give you FREE food (thank you Global Bikes).  Here are the MINIMUM (feel free to do more please) requirements for the year:

Trail and/or Volunteer hour minimums:
Individual – 4hrs
Team – Big Ring – 40hrs
Team – Little Ring – 20hrs
Log Trail Hours – 

Check out dates and locations on our latest eblast or on the trails page!
Thanks for helping keep our trails in good shape!
~The Board