Fall Enduro Season

Update: 3/29/2021

There is shaping up to be a fair number of enduro events relatively close to Arizona this fall. We are planning to not compete with these events. This leaves the month of October for enduro racing in AZ with a possible event in Flagstaff September 11-12th. We are looking at Oct 3, 17 & 31st. However the Forest Service extended their group site closure so event permits are not being accepted until that is rescinded. We are hopeful by end of May we will be allowed to submit our permits and publish a schedule.

  • 9/ 18-19 – BME in Brian Head, Utah
  • 9/ 23-26 – Fox Open in Big Bear, CA
  • 10/ 7-10 Sea Otter Classic
  • 11/ 12-14 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Thanks for your patience.


Hey all,

We are currently working on our annual fall enduro series. There remains a group site closure with the Forest Service so we are forced to wait until that is lifted before our applications can be reviewed. The 2020 fires in Tucson have also caused some continued hurtles, but we are in talks with the Coronado Forest Service.

Sunrise is under new management as of Nov. 2020 so we are trying to reengage to find out what improvements might be made available too us (most notably, getting more bikes up the mountain quicker). There is also the issue of trail maintenance, if they open for summer activities.

We are scouting some other areas as well. Snowbowl as released a master plan which included bike trails scheduled for 2024, a ways out, but a big step in getting more lift assisted riding in AZ.

As of March 2021 we have been able to successfully hold 4 of our spring XC races wtih no COVID issues, a great sign for more racing to come.

One final thing to consider is with the reschedule of so many other events like the Big Mountain Enduro Series to the fall along with The Sea Otter Classic there are challenges with scheduling. Since the BME’s are so close to AZ we are trying no leave those weekend’s open to provide more racing opportunities nearby, however with the monsoons into late August and snow beginning to fall in late October in the high country, it does leave us with a limited window of opportunity.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on making races happen. We will share update here, on social media, and in our newsletter as they happen.