Posted: October 14, 2013 by MBAA in Trails

trailworkLike a cold beer on Friday pm, registration has cracked wide open.  Only 2 events (the Team Event and the Super D) are not yet open.  All others, have at it.  Heck, in the spirit of Tour de Fat, Oktoberfest and the temps dropping we are even offering up a special October discount –October10” will get you 10% off any entry.  Take advantage of that little extra cash and use it at your LBS to pick up some goodies for the fall rides.  ALSO NOTE – you will NOT need to have a MBAA membership in 2014 (although highly encouraged) we are simplifying things.  USAC membership required for Pro/Cat1 riders as always.  USAC 1 day license available for all others, you MUST be a USAC annual member to win the series – stay tuned for more info as we clean up the rules for 2014.

Last, but NOT least – TRAILWORK -October 26 – McDowell Mountain Park – 7:30a til 12:00p –

Hours will count towards 2014.
Free park entrance, but you HAVE to move dirt with a shovel, not just your tires!
FREE lunch – provided by GLOBAL BIKES!

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