1. SunriseResults
  2. TucsonResults
  3. MingusResults
  4. HawesResults

Series Overall Standings

  1. McDowell MeltdownResults
  2. Estrella Hedgehog HustleResults
  3. White Tank WhirlwindResults
  4. Lake Havasu HavocResults
  5. Prescott PunisherResults
  6. Flagstaff FrenzyResults

State ChampsResults

Reminder that all protests should be taken onsite day of event with the race director. Results are final once the protest period has ended.

Series Overall Standings

Team Overall Standings

Questions or issues should be directed to results@mangledmomentum.com. Events are chip timed along with hand back up.

Results Posting Procedure:

Unofficial results are posted online on Its Your Race throughout the day so riders can and should check their results at any time prior to the official protest period. The link can be accessed via MBAA.net/results.

Riders can speak to the timing team in the timing trailer at any time should they have any questions.

After the majority of riders are finished in each wave, the official results will be printed and posted on the results board for the 15 min protest period. The announcer will make an announcement of when this period will start and stop.

Any protests should be made at this time. Following the end of the protest period and no protests have been made, another print out will be posted and labeled final and the results will be ready for awards at their scheduled time. Should a protest take place that affects overall results another 15 min protest period will take place with the newly printed results.