The MBAA promotes, protects and preserves the Arizona trail experience through advocacy, education and responsible recreational and competitive mountain biking.

The MBAA is a 501c3 –  tax id 86-0672559 MBAA Bylaws

Volunteer Board

Tim Racette

Tim Racette – Chairman

Avid mtber and racer, Tim is all about spreading the good vibes throughout the mountain bike community. Tim has returned to Arizona after many years living in Wisconsin – the land of ice and snow. He’s excited to be involved and wants to make sure everyone has a great time whether you’re out riding or racing with the MBAA.

Les Stukenberg

Les Stukenberg – Competition Director

Newspaper guy, turned cyclist, turned board member.  Les has been an active part of the cycling community and is now jumping in as Recreation Director on the board.  We are stoked to have him jump in and help kick start a role that has been ignored for too long.

Alan Shelton

Alan Shelton – Trails Director

Alan is not shy about his passion for the trails or making them better. Alan heads up our trail work operations and plays a huge role in keeping the trails in great shape! We are stoked to have him on board and running full bore on some new ideas.

Sue Rawley

Sue Rawley – Membership Director

Long time rider, MBAA supporter, and all around solid person – Sue has stepped into the Membership Director role as a result of her commitment to the sport.  As nice as she is, she can rip your legs off on the bike and is no stranger to the podium.

Steve Thorpe

Steve Thorpe – Administrative Director

Biking and hiking at an early age, Steve has spent a large part of his life on trails in Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, and now Arizona in order to hit the trails year round. Along with his wife and kids, he has enjoyed the mountain biking community via MBAA for a few years now. He’s excited to give back time to the Association to support trail advocacy and biking competition in Arizona.

Amy Chayefsky

Amy Chayefsky – Recreation Director

Whether at races or social rides, I love when everyone has a great time and comes away from their experience wanting to do it again! I am thrilled to be part of the growing number of women, of all ages, discovering our sport, and am honored to serve our amazing community of riders through the comprehensive mountain biking advocacy and stewardship that MBAA represents in Arizona.

Rob Clark

Rob Clark – Volunteer Director

New board member but not new to the MBAA. Rob grew up in AZ racing the MBAA back in the early 90’s.  Now he spends his time on the trails with kids imparting passion and knowledge to the next generation of mountain bikers with Dynamix Devo.



After the dust settles, expenses are paid and money is saved for a rainy day, what exactly does the board do with the funds raised from the series, the famous Tour de Fat and sponsor dollars? Well here is a quick summary over the last few years:


$12,000 – Pine/Strawberry Fuel Reduction (Raised from Fire on the Rim)
$5000 – Arizona Trail
$5000 – Prescott/ IMBA
$3000 – Flagstaff Bikes Organization (Raised from Super D)
$1900 – Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association
$1500 – Trips for Kids
$28,400 – Total donated + funds raised by FOTR for PSFR


$5000 – Flagstaff Biking Organization – Little Bear Rebuild
$3000 – CAMBP – new jerseys, and increase in staffing
$2500 – Trips for Kids Phoenix – helping at risk youth experience cycling
$2500 – City of Sedona – Bike Park Development plans
$2500 – AZDevo Youth Development team support
$1300 – TORCA – Tucson Off Road Cycling Advocates – Tools etc.
$1100 – Flagstaff Biking Organization – Super D fundraiser
$860 – Desert Mountain Foothills Mountain Bike Association – Dog Collar Trail – Tools etc.
$400 – AZDevo Youth Development – Donation for Fat Tire 40
Donation of finish line structure to NICA league.
$19,160 – Total donated to trails/projects/cycling organizations + funds raised by FOTR for PSFR


$3137 – NICA – local high school league
$2737 – AZ Devo – local youth cycling development team
$2624 – AZT Association – Arizona Trail projects
$2500 – Hillride Progression Group – Plans for McDowell Mtn, Feasibility study etc.
$2000 – Havasu Trail – trail projects
$1216 – Flagstaff Biking Organization – Super D fund raiser
$14,214 – Total donated to projects + funds raised by FOTR for PSFR


$5485 – AZ Devo – local youth cycling development team
$5000 – Pine Strawberry Fire Reduction – Trail project
$5000 – Flagstaff Bike Organization – Trail maintenance projects
$1500 – Flagstaff Biking Organization – Super D fund raiser
$360 – PMBA – Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance
$17,345 – Total donated


$7500 – AZ Devo – local youth cycling development team
$1735 – Pine Strawberry Fire Reduction – Trail project
$1200 – Jr. Development
$440 – Flagstaff Biking Organization – Super D fund raiser
$10,875 – Total donated