New Racer 101

Race age
Your “race age” is the age you will be on December 31 of this year.

What to wear
Gym shorts and a t-shirt work just fine. As you get more into riding, you may find a pair of padded shorts and a jersey more comfortable and cooler. Both can be purchased at your local bike shop.

Do I need a helmet?
Yes, helmets are required.

What to carry during my race?
A bottle of water, spare tube, CO2 and multi-tool is sufficient. A hydration pack is nice as it’s easier to drink from while riding.

When should I arrive at the race?
2 hours before your race start. This way you have time to park, pick up your number plate, and familiarize yourself with the start area. It also gives you time to change, have a snack and spin around to get warmed up.

How many laps to I do?
Under the Racing tab at the top of this website you will find details about each race. Look for the Start Times & Lap Counts link for info on which course and color arrows you will follow.

Do I need a membership?
A membership is not required, just encouraged as a way to donate directly to trail projects in Arizona. You also get a cool pair of socks for being a member.

High School racing info
The website has more information about high school racing in the area.