A big part of being a series racer is giving back to the community and the trails we all love to ride. To help pull off these events we could use your help for a number of simple tasks. You can also complete trail work on your local trails. There are plenty of trail projects going on, and if not, you can lead one!


Volunteer at McDowell
Volunteer at Estrella
Volunteer at Lake Havasu
Volunteer at White Tanks
Volunteer at Prescott
Volunteer at Flagstaff

Volunteer hours (separate, but equal) from trail hours, must be logged onsite with the volunteer log. They will then be verified and logged into this tracker.

To be eligible to receive a series championship award (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place) you must have a TOTAL of 5 volunteer/trail work hours logged. Others may serve time for you, but we would prefer to have you help contribute. Thank you!

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