2018 Pivot Cycles – MBAA XC Series
Flagstaff Frenzy
May 12, 2018


Absolute Bikes


Fort Valley Trailhead (Map)
Flagstaff, AZ

The XC series finale, this race can make or break a few titles. Riders will be at altitude with a wee bit of climbing 🙂 Expect pine trees a plenty and some descending that will keep you grinning ear to ear!

Camping is permitted on National Forest Land near Fort Valley trailhead. There is also camping at the Freidlein Dispersed Camping Area off of Snow Bowl Rd. Please take a look at our venue map to know where park & camp.

Note, this will also be NAU graduation weekend so if you’re looking to book a hotel book early.

View the parking & camping map.

  • Single Speed Coffee


Save money and time – sign up online, early!
$25 First timers (1x only – no points awarded, no awards)
$25 Juniors (18 and under, price never changes)
$45 Early – up until Sunday at 11:59pm week of the event
$50 On-time – Monday 12:00am until Thursday 8:00pm
$60 Late & Day of registration – Thursday 8:01pm until 30 min prior to race start
Need to change your category?  No problem – send an email to the registration director
Signup for an MBAA membership for just $20 ($10 for juniors under 18) and contribute directly to trail projects across the state. Plug you’ll get a cool pair of members only socks and sticker. You’ll also be entered into out members only raffles drawn at each race!

Up until 2 weeks before the event you may get a 50% refund or 100% transfer to the next event.  If there is no next event (ie the finals) we cannot make any further accommodations.

Elite (Pro) – Professional cyclist, competes at the highest level
Expert (Cat 1) – Wicked fast, seasoned racer
Intermediate (Cat 2) – Dang fast, not just a weekend warrior, usually rides quite bit
Beginner (Cat 3) – Relatively new to the sport
First Timer – Newbie, never raced with MBAA or has no experience with mountain bike racing
Single Speed – Only one gear on bike, likes to suffer (our kind of folks)
Masters Men 60+ – Older gents, 60+ years of age
Rock Crusher – Gents 200lbs or more
Fat Bike – 3 inch tires or wider
Marathon – Long distance rider, approx. 3.5-hrs or more per race, likes to really suffer (most definitely our kind of folks)
Junior – Ages 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Kids – 7 & under that likes a short, FREE race

Note – if you are racing Expert 45+ men or Expert Single Speed men and want a shot at cash, you need to change categories and race Expert Open. No exceptions, no changing after the fact.

The age you will be on Dec. 31, 2018.

Awards are 3 deep per category.
Awards will be done as soon as possible after protest periods end and results are approved by the officials.

Top 5 Marathon male
Top 5 Marathon female
Top 5 Elite/Expert Open male
Top 5 Elite/Expert Open female

1st = $100
2nd = $90
3rd  = $80
4th = $50
5th = $25

Every event is not possible without the help and support of volunteers. Help make these events great by giving back a bit of your time. 5 volunteer hours are required to be eligible for the series championship. A friend or family member can volunteer in a racers place.

Flagstaff Start Times & Lap Counts

Flagstaff Frenzy

There is a major logging operation going through the Fort Valley Trailhead. Parts of the trail have been widened and will look a bit different than last year. The route is the same. We have moved a small section of the RED LOOP after Elden Lookout Rd. onto singletrack, see the highlighted yellow section (red loop edit).

  • Green Arrows – Junior Loop (4-miles) – GPX A fun loop through the pine trees on the Fort Valley trails.
  • Blue Arrows – Short Loop (8-miles) – GPX A longer loop up and around some rocky climbs and ripping fast descents!
  • Red Arrows – Long Loop (20-miles) GPX – A much longer loop all around the best parts of Flagstaff. Rocky Moto out to Lower Oldham, up Elden Lookout Rd. Down the AZT and back through the Fort Valley trails.

Long loop is ~1900 ft of elevation gain:


Unofficial results are posted online on Its Your Race throughout the day so riders can and should check their results at any time prior to the official protest period. The link can be accessed via MBAA.net/results.

Riders can speak to the timing team in the timing trailer at any time should they have any questions.

After the majority of riders are finished in each wave, the official results will be printed and posted on the results board for the 15 min protest period. The announcer will make an announcement of when this period will start and stop.

Any protests should be made at this time. Following the end of the protest period and no protests have been made, another print out will be posted and labeled final and the results will be ready for awards at their scheduled time. Should a protest take place that affects overall results another 15 min protest period will take place with the newly printed results.

Once the event concludes, all results are final and no changes can be made.

7:15 am – Registration Opens! – Bring ID, be patient please
*All athletes must check in/register 30-mins prior to start time
8:30 am – Elite & Intermediate Men (wave 1)
8:40 am – All Marathon Start
10:30 am – Beginner Men (wave 2)
11:30 am – Elite, Intermediate & Beginner Women (wave 3)
12:00 pm – Awards for wave 1
12:30 pm – Free kid’s race (ages 7 & under)
1:00 pm – Awards for wave 2 & marathon
1:30 pm – Juniors (wave 4)
2:30 pm – Awards for wave 3
3:30 pm – Awards for wave 4

* Series awards will follow wave awards. Team awards will be at the end of the 3:30 awards.

Sunday is Super DMore details