Kids’ Zone

The MBAA Kids’ Zone is back again this year with more fun and activities for the little ones!

The Kids’ Zone is a 30’ x 40’ fenced off section where kids and their non-racing parents can hang out while older siblings and racing parents participate in the day’s events.  This creates a safe place to play and minimizes collisions with adult racers at the venue.

There are tents to provide shade, and tables and chairs for both the kiddos and adults.  There is also a variety of activities to keep kids occupied and help make the time go by faster.  (We know what it’s like to wait for your racer to go by once an hour…)

Each event will feature a theme, just to keep it different and interesting.  (Last year we had Star Wars day, Pirates, Wild West, and a Beach Party!)

Kids 7 &Under who are not participating in the Junior races that day are welcome to participate in the FREE Kid’s Race that will be held at 12:30pm.  These races will be short events, and manageable for even the littlest of shredders.  Every participant will receive a “medal” that corresponds with the theme of that day’s event.

  • If your son or daughter is a “late-bloomer” and does not feel comfortable racing in the regular Junior events on the big courses (even though they are older than 7), just let us know! They are welcome to join us and still be a part of the day’s events.
  • Please note that our “race courses” are determined by what we have to work with at each venue. Some course are awesome (Estrella has the BEST kiddo-course!); others are the best we can do because of limited space (like McDowell, where every available parking space is filled).  As a result, some races might be an out and back course, some might be laps, and some might be a drag race format.  Just remember this is all about having fun and allowing the youngest ones to participate too; we will always do our best to make the event the best that we can.

We will have some mini ramps set up on which kids can ride their bikes or scooters inside the fenced off section.  Kids are more than welcome to bring their own scooters and bikes with them, but we will also have push bikes and scooters to borrow.  For safety reasons, only bikes with a wheel size of 24” or less are allowed inside the Kids Zone.  Please wear a helmet when riding at the venue.


  • How much does the Kid’s Race cost?
    • Nothing, it’s free!
  • What time does the free Kid’s Race start?
    • 12:30 pm
  • How do I sign my kid up for the free Kid’s Race?
    • Just come into the Kids’ Zone and sign a waiver. You will be given a fun name plate that your little one can decorate and attach to his/her bike.
  • What is the difference between the Junior races and the free Kid’s Race?
    • The Junior races use the same courses that the adults do, are split into age groups, and are scored according to finishing order. The free Kid’s Race is less technical, and far less distance.  All the kids ride together and all receive a “medal” for participating.  The emphasis is on fun and inclusion.
    • Kids who are 6 or 7 years old may choose to race in either the Junior event OR the free Kid’s Race; however, they may not do both. If you child likes competition and has above average bike riding skills, he or she would probably be happier in the Junior events.  If your child is still tentative on a bike, he or she might enjoy the goofy, no-pressure, fun atmosphere of the free Kid’s Race better.
  • What hours is the Kids’ Zone open?
    • The Kids’ Zone is open from 9am-1:30pm.
  • Do I have to supervise my kid?
    • Yes, please!
  • Who can play in the Kid’s Zone?
    • All kids are welcome in the Kids’ Zone, regardless if they are racing or not. We know that a day at the races can be long and tiring to little ones (and their parents!) and our goal is to have a fun (and safe) place for them to hang out, ride bikes, and do other activities.  There is not an age “limit” for the Zone, but note that the activities are geared towards younger ages; older kids might find it “boring”.
  • Scooters? I thought this was a bike race!!!
    • Haha, yes, this is a bike event. However, a lot of times kids are able to learn how to balance on a scooter before they can balance a bike.  Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to play and have a good time.  The skills and confidence that kids learn on a scooter will transfer over when they start riding bikes later on.