trophyRegister Your Team for 2017!

For the 2017 season we will have two categories of teams competing for the State Championship team title:

BIG RING – teams of 9 or more athletes – $150 per team
LITTLE RING – teams of 2-8 athletes – $100 per team

Rosters MUST BE FINAL by Estrella – January 28, 2017 – no exceptions!

Register NowGeneral Info

1) Captains don’t need to be riders.
2) All athletes must have an Arizona.reg account (only takes 5 min to set up)
3) Captains (after payment) can select their riders from the database.
4) Team captains must register their team and are responsible for the accuracy of their roster.
5) Riders may not compete for more than 1 team or category of teams.
6) In the event of a tie in the team competition, the team with the most trail hours will be considered the champion.
7) Team captains are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of team points throughout the series.
8) Trophy cups will be awarded – 3 deep (3 Big Ring, 3 Little Ring)

Renewal Instructions

If you’re renewing your team from last year team captains must log in on home page, access your profile and use the last blue link in the top right corner of the profile (it says “Renew xxx” where xxx is the MBAA team name).

After renewing and completing team payment, the blue link will change to “Manage xxx” and you can add and remove team members. Questions email