Posted: April 8, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates

TEAM POINTS – Chasing3 for the record, did have the team points updated prior to today, we just posted it up late due to final 4, little babes, busyness of life and all the other excuses you can think of – regardless they are up on the results tab.  Thanks for the patience.

VOLUNTEER HOURS – are also updated through MARC.  We are missing a form from Estrella, once found we will update those hours as well.  We have two races to go, and quite a few hours for trail/volunteer to cover – so, be sure to help out, sign up to volunteer (links on this page) and give back.  There are plenty of trail work days coming up in the next few weeks as well – a few hours makes a big difference for the trail.  Thanks in advance for the extra help.

SUPER D – yes it exists and yes it is back and yes it benefits FBO, but no, it is not part of series points.  Registration tool has had an issue in the last 24hrs, but we expect it back on line shortly – limited to a few, so get in early.   Super D page is here, go there meow.

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