Posted: February 9, 2015 by mmelley in Trails
Over the weekend marketing director Tim Racette got to spend some time with the IMBA board along with various members of local and national mountain biking organizations. More than just a race series, the MBAA shares IMBA’s views to develop and maintain trail systems throughout our great state.
Discussions included co-mingling with other users like hikers, horseback riders, as well as being advocates for all outdoor recreation activities such as paddle sports, climbing, and fat biking (to name a few) in order to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on the land we all share. The more involved us users can be with land managers and the organizations that support our trails the better we can build and maintain great trails that will remain in existence for a long long time.
If you haven’t attended a trail work day or spent some time helping out with your local trails you should definitely consider it! Not only does it help preserve the trails we ride, but it’s an opportunity to see the trails from a different view point and another great way to meet fantastic like minded people who love our sport.

Arizona has a ton of variety to offer mountain bikers within a relatively small area so get out there and go exploring!

Ride safe and have fun!

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