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Posted: March 12, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Newsletters, Trails

trailworkTrail work or volunteers hours are required…

If you want a shot at a individual or team title this year, you need to ensure that you log the required number of trail and/or volunteer hours – others may volunteer for you, but what better way to know what it takes to keep a trail awesome or an event going then by stepping up and doing some work yourself?  Heck at a few of these volunteer days, they give you FREE food (thank you Global Bikes).  Here are the MINIMUM (feel free to do more please) requirements for the year:

Trail and/or Volunteer hour minimums:
Individual – 4hrs
Team – Big Ring – 40hrs
Team – Little Ring – 20hrs
Log Trail Hours – 

Check out dates and locations on our latest eblast or on the trails page!
Thanks for helping keep our trails in good shape!
~The Board


Posted: December 6, 2013 by MBAA in Newsletters

412.jpgThe latest – including team sign up information was sent out via email today (Dec 6).  Check it out here in case you missed it.  There is some SOLID info in there.  What is not mentioned is that we have a long list of cool sponsors that is growing.  Once those are all firmed up, we will give you the full run down so you can thank your local bike shop.  The holidays are coming, which means time off work (hopefully) and some exceptional riding in AZ.  Take advantage, check out AZ Cross (state finals on Dec 20/21 as well as Dawn til Dusk on Dec 14.  It’s chilly, but the trails are rad.  Hit it.

Team sign up (Big Ring/Little Ring)

McDowell Meltdown page