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Posted: April 28, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing

The folks from Absolute Bikes are awesome.  Great people, a great local shop and just about every rider we have ever met from the shop, respects the trails, helps out (a ton) and has been super helpful….throw in the fact that they made up some kick @$$ courses for the finals (yet again) and we have much love.  Stop in, tell Anthony thank you.  See some orange – thank them, they do more than the average bear for trails.  Ok, enough brown nosing.  Here is the latest – course maps are still getting triple checked, then cleaned up and GPS is being worked on (when it’s not snowing).  Start times are also being massaged – like heavily deep tissue massage – significant changes are a foot for the finals.  Note – we will do Series finals onsite – do your trail work (lots this weekend) and/or your volunteer hours to win the series – you’ve been warned.   We will feed registered riders to help with your patience – if we can beat our proposed awards times, we will.   Settle in, it’s about to get wrapped up on some great trails.  See you soon.  All the latest info has been published on the race page, now go check it out and get signed up!


Posted: April 20, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing


C Utley catching airWe had an amazing time in Sierra Vista with outstanding weather, a great turnout of athletes and one of our best showings of Military riders that we can recall.  Thank you again to Sun N Spokes for their support, Global Bikes for providing us with such great rehydration and refuel service, and all the volunteers that helped make the day go smoothly.  We have one event to go in Flagstaff  – the finals.  Be sure to sign up to race (or ride the Super D on Sunday), volunteer and get your hours dialed in – there are plenty of trail work days listed (front page left) and still some much needed slots for volunteers in Flagstaff – sign up early and online – makes it easier for all of us to delegate.



Posted: April 17, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates, Racing

SunNSpokesForayatFortAs of today – Wednesday April 16 at 5:52pm – we are still 100% go for Sierra Vista.  We have been talking with the Fort, locals and our good friends and Sun N Spokes all week about the fire and watching the news.  The Fort (at this time) as well as locals and the shop have stated that the smoke is blowing away from the course and we are still able to host the event.  We will get another update on Thursday and advise if anything has changed using the usual social media (Facebook) as well as the website.  All riders will get a communication from us regarding the event on Friday am.  Thanks in advance for your support we look forward to a great event!


Posted: April 8, 2014 by MBAA in News/Updates

TEAM POINTS – Chasing3 for the record, did have the team points updated prior to today, we just posted it up late due to final 4, little babes, busyness of life and all the other excuses you can think of – regardless they are up on the results tab.  Thanks for the patience.

VOLUNTEER HOURS – are also updated through MARC.  We are missing a form from Estrella, once found we will update those hours as well.  We have two races to go, and quite a few hours for trail/volunteer to cover – so, be sure to help out, sign up to volunteer (links on this page) and give back.  There are plenty of trail work days coming up in the next few weeks as well – a few hours makes a big difference for the trail.  Thanks in advance for the extra help.

SUPER D – yes it exists and yes it is back and yes it benefits FBO, but no, it is not part of series points.  Registration tool has had an issue in the last 24hrs, but we expect it back on line shortly – limited to a few, so get in early.   Super D page is here, go there meow.