While we make every attempt to make the website have all the information you may need, we recognize that you may have a few more questions.  Please be sure to read on for answers to some of the popular questions.

    • I need to change my category, how do I do that?
    • Will you tell me where to go on course?
      • It is ultimately the responsibility of the rider for knowing the course/laps. We provide maps online, onsite and mark the course.  We cannot be held liable for acts of terrorism or saboteurs removing or changing markings.
    • What is your refund policy?
      • If you become sick or are experiencing COVID symptoms approaching race day you may transfer your entry to the next event.
    • What time do I start?
      • Review the start times/lap counts on the event page.
    • Will you have medical onsite?
      • Medical personnel will be onsite for each event.
    • Will you have restrooms on site?
      • Yes we will have restrooms available for you onsite.
    • When will you mark the course?
      • MBAA will mark the course approximately 1 week prior to each event.  This depends on our volunteer schedule.
    • When do I need to be there?
      • Riders must check in at registration at LEAST 30 min prior to their event.
    • What do I need to bring to the event?
      • Sunscreen, extra water, camping gear (if you are camping), sunglasses, spare tube, repair kit, all your riding gear etc.  Keep the kitchen sink at home though.
    • Do I need a helmet?
      • Yep, you sure do.  You MUST wear a helmet while on your bike.
    • Can I wear headphones while I race?
      • Nope, sorry.
    • Is camping available?
      • Still pending for 2021, but camping is available at MOST venues and noted on the race page.
    • Where do my race fees go?
      • MBAA is a non-profit. Once the bills are paid from permitting, insurance, timing, registration, medical, portos, park fees, equipment rentals etc, race proceeds are used for various trail projects throughout the state. Visit the about page for more details on the MBAA impact.
    • Why do I need to be a member?
      • You don’t actually.  Rest assured if you ARE a member your membership fees go towards helping trail projects throughout the state.  Anyone can be a member of the MBAA, you do not need to race.
    • What perks do I get as a member?
      • Some cool members only schwag and exclusive member only raffles.
    • When does my membership expire?
      • MBAA memberships are for the calendar year only – Jan 1 – Dec 31 of that calendar year.
  • TEAMS 
    • What is a big ring team?
      • 10+ riders all on one team, points for each team member go toward team points as well as individual
    • What is a small ring team?
      • 9 or less riders, all riding for the same team, points for each team member go toward team points as well as individual
    • Where do our team fees go?
      • Awards, trail projects, and help pay for team scoring, which can be a large hassle!
    • What is the prize for the team series?
      • 3 Deep per category – trophies and bragging rights for the off season!
    • How do I volunteer?
      • Click on this link to volunteer at the race of your choice, shifts are shown we will do our best to get you in the role/time slot, but sometimes that is not always possible.  Others may volunteer for you to get you credit!
    • Do I have to volunteer in order to win the series?
      • Yep, 5 hrs of trail and/or volunteer hours must be completed to win the state series title. For teams the volunteer requirement is  Little Ring = 20hrs, Big Ring = 40 hrs – this is TOTAL hours which may be volunteering and/or trail maintenance.
    • What do I get if I volunteer?
      • By definition you are volunteering your time, but we do our best to try and get some schwag/raffle prizes to those that help out and make these events great.  While you won’t get a new car, you may just get a hat, socks or some other rad stuff from our sponsors.
    • How do I volunteer to do trail maintenance?
    • Do I have to do trail maintenance in order to win the series?
      • Yep, 5 hrs of trail and/or volunteer hours must be completed to win the state series title.
    • What do I get if I volunteer?
      • Well for starters, our heartfelt gratitude in helping make the trails better for everyone.  Secondly, our killer sponsor Global Bikes is hooking up folks at the 3 dates we have with FREE lunch.  Thirdly, the parks are letting you in FREE to help.  That means a free ride if you bring your bike and roll the trails you work on when you are done!
    • Elite (Pro) – Professional cyclist, competes at the highest level
    • Expert (Cat 1) – Wicked fast, seasoned racer
    • Intermediate (Cat 2) – Dang fast, not just a weekend warrior, usually rides quite bit
    • Beginner (Cat 3) – Relatively new to the sport
    • First Timer – Newbie, never raced with MBAA or has no experience with mountain bike racing
    • Single Speed – Only one gear on bike, likes to suffer (our kind of folks)
    • Rock Crusher – Gents 200-lbs or more
    • Plus Bike – 2.8 inch tires or wider
    • Marathon – Long distance rider, approx. 3.5-hrs or more per race, likes to really suffer (most definitely our kind of folks)
    • Junior – Ages 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
    • Kids – 6 & under that likes a short, FREE race

Still got a question?

Drop us an email info@mbaa.net

  1. Gene Torrisi says:

    Regarding the Super D, do we get more than one run?

  2. david says:

    Is the super d a downhill race? Or is it cross country?

  3. Don Brown says:

    Hello, I have registered to both work and race in the Super D. Will this be an issue?

  4. Eric says:

    Can we race SS cat. with a one day license.

  5. Can team members race different categories (i.e., can some members race CAT3 and others race CAT1 or CAT2) and still get team points? If so, are the points weighted by category finishes?

    • MBAA says:

      Hi Oliver, yep – your team can race across all categories and be comprised of men and women. The points are not weighted by category, but we have two team classifications Little Ring (2-8 people) and Big Ring (9-30 people).

  6. Cory says:

    Any update on the Flagstaff venue and course?

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